Horse Shows & Experiments

This past Saturday, my husband and I went to my friend’s daughter’s horse show. I don’t know much about horse shows. But I still enjoyed photographing the event.

After the horse show, we went to breakfast with my friend’s family including her parents. On the way home, Lewis and I took a side trip along the bay and took a few more shots of some of the nature and wildlife as well as the exterior of a historic building.

I haven’t processed all the photos yet. I put together a cd of photos for my friend. And I’m still working on processing and submitting photos from our camping trip at the beach. But I did a little experimenting with one of the horse show photos and wanted to share. Comments and criticism are welcome. I used a texture from as an overlay and lowered the opacity till it was hardly visible.

Textured Pony


4 thoughts on “Horse Shows & Experiments

  1. This is an interesting on Teresa…like a richly faded look? It’s a really interesting effect! Nice job!

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