A Letter To My Friends

I was writing an email message to my friend Julie and it occurred to me that I could save a lot of time if, instead of retyping everything in the message, I just copied and pasted to my blog. So that’s what I did. I cheated! Well, actually, I prefer to think of it as sharing my news with all of my friends at once.

I haven’t been scrapping or stamping lately. I’ve been knitting. Big surprise, huh?

I finished the pink baby sweater using the moss stitch, except for the buttons. Got to remember to do that.

I’ve done a couple of 12″ squares for a charity blanket. I need to get those in the mail. The directions were to do any stitch we wanted with a garter stitch border, in a white, washable, worsted weight yarn, overall size – 12″. I did one in a ‘brioche‘ stitch, and the other was a ‘bamboo‘ stitch. The brioche stitch is all knits. It should have been very easy, but I managed to mess up and have to take it out and redo it repeatedly. The bamboo stitch was much easier to keep up with and take out and redo back to the mistakes when I made them. The bamboo stitch is a row of knits (with yo’s) and a row of purls. I used that one as an opportunity to practice purling continental style. And you know what? I did it!

Now I’m working on Silver’s Palindrome scarf and doing all the stitches continental and it’s looking good!

I have also been spinning on my drop spindle a little. And it’s getting better. The secret (for me anyway), is to do a really good job of ‘pre-drafting’ the roving. The roving I ordered from Paradise Fibers is much easier to work with than the stuff I got at the yarn shop. But it may well just be that I’m more accustomed to handling the wool and that’s what makes the difference.


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