I’m So ‘Cited!

I’ve edited (minimally) one of Lewis’s most recent works, Samuel King. It has been formated, cover designed, and soon to be released through http://www.lulu.com

I want Lewis to do one more proofreading to make sure he approves the minor changes I made (mostly reducing the length of a few run-on sentences) and to catch anything I missed.

As soon as it gets Lewis’s approval, I’ll post a link to it here and try to find other creative ways to market his work. This is our first venture into ‘print on demand’ publishing. But so far it has been a relatively painless process. Samuel King Cover Art

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3 thoughts on “I’m So ‘Cited!

  1. Thank you so much Teresa.

    I’m…. “cited” too.


    Do you think we’re ready to tackle KADAHILLMEA ?

    I’m game for it if you are, but if he gives you nightmares, blame him, not me. I just told his story.

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