Tussah Noil Silk Blend Tweed Yarn

I tried – not too hard – to come up with a catchy title for this post. Didn’t happen. So what you see is what you get.

I was reading the Fiber Prep forum today on http://Ravelry.com and came across a question about Tussah Silk Noils. Since I had dyed some a couple of weeks back and wanted to try using it, I seized the opportunity to try it out and show others what I came up with.

First I dug through my tub and found the silk noils I dyed a couple of weeks ago as well as the silk noils I onion-skin dyed several months ago and then forgot about. I pulled out a bag of 80/20 Merino/Silk blend that I thought would go well with it.


I used my drum carder to make a little mini batt. It weighed in a 16g.


Here is the single I spun made into a little mini ball so that I could ply from each end and not have any waste. This also allowed me to spin without dividing my batt equally and weighing the parts to make sure they were equal and then using two different bobbins to ply from. If I ever say I’m going to do this again, will someone slap me.


And here is the final result. Well, not completely final. The little mini skein is soaking now. The photo was taken before washing and finishing.

IMG_2601 cropped


Don’t you love the carpet in my craft room? It doesn’t look so bad in this photo. We’ll just leave it at that.

Anyway, I have plenty of the Tussah Silk Noils and Merino/Silk blend if anyone is interested in batts. Just let me know.

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