Having Fun With Fiber and Thanksgiving Musings

I just updated my Etsy shop – Teresa Levite Studio – with some handspun yarn and tweedy blended batts:


IMG_2680 Cropped


IMG_2675 cropped

Tomorrow is the day.  It comes and goes every year.  We celebrate. We give thanks.  But we give thanks everyday, don’t we?  I try to.  But sometimes I think I feel like I’m just going through the motions.  Sometimes it’s hard to really be thankful. It’s hard when you’re tired.  It’s hard when you hurt.  And on the good days, it’s easy to get caught up in getting caught up and not think about being thankful.  It is my prayer that God will help me be more aware of having (or not having) an attitude of thankfulness at all times, in all circumstances.  I pray for forgiveness for taking my life and it encompasses for granted. I pray that for His guidance as I approach each day, each moment as a gift from Him.

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