Moving to the Desk!

We’re back! We had a great trip to Mississippi for Christmas. It was so good to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family. But it was also good to get back home.

While I was in Mississippi, my sister hosted a Drop Spindle class and Trunk Show. The class was small, but it was quite a success. If anyone in the Delaware area is interested in hosting a Drop Spindle class, just let me know.

I’m in the process of moving my inventory from my Etsy shop to my store at . While I’m moving inventory, I’m continuing Free Shipping to the US and Canada. I would rather ship it than move all the photos and information from one site to the other.

I’ve been working today, trying to get into the swing of things again after a long December and a long holiday/vacation. I’ve listed some Hand Dyed fibers on the TeresasDesk site that I dyed before we left for Mississippi. And I’ve been dyeing today, too. I’ve got some Tussah Silk and 100% Merino drying. I’ll be listing those by the middle of this week.

Here is the SoySilk and Merino that I listed today:





I’ve been spinning some cotton for myself. It’s my first venture into plant fibers so this is quite a learning experience for me. When I finish this, I’ll be spinning more for the shop.

I will also be adding Spinning Wheels and Accessories, soon, too. I’m trying not to over do and have to take a long break from the studio. But this is so much fun and there’s so much to do!


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