Tuesday Update – Teresa Levite Studio

This has been an exciting Tuesday – for me, at least. I can’t say anyone else in house is thrilled about it. I received a large order for fiber. I spent a good bit of the afternoon inventorying. It’s getting to the point that I can’t just remember what I have or dig around in the box till I find it. Now I need to know if I have it or not. I also received three spinning wheels and some drop spindle to demonstrate and sell at craft fairs. I don’t expect to sell many wheels at the craft shows. But if someone who is thinking about getting one sees me using it there, they may take my card and order it online from me later. I will be posting dates and locations of craft shows I will be attending as they are scheduled.

I’ve also been busy today updating my shop. Here are a few of the new items:

Hand Dyed Merino Wool

IMG_3009 IMG_3013

IMG_3014 IMG_3012 IMG_3010

Tussah Silk




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