Secret Special #3 and Baby Alpaca

Secret Special #3 is up. No hints today. You’ll have to look for it. Again, a full size item at a try me price. This one is worth the effort to find.

I’m adding Baby Alpaca to my fiber line. I’m planning to take photos and get it listed tomorrow. I only dyed a bit of it. I’ll be dyeing tomorrow, too. Any suggestions for favorite colors? I’m thinking I need to be dyeing more greens for March, Spring, and St. Patty’s Day. But for some reason I keep reaching for the blue. And brown is looking good to me right now, too.

Continue to think about the design contest posted here in my blog on Feb. 15.

I’ll be posting a reminder tomorrow about Secret Special #4 – and maybe a hint. 😀

And hopefully I’ll have new photos to post. If anyone has photos of how you’ve used Teresa Levite Studio yarn or fiber and would like to share, please do. You can email them to me and I’ll include them here in the blog. I would also like to feature customer photos in the newsletter. So get your cameras ready and start shooting!


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