Shetland/Tussah Love!

I ordered my first raw Shetland wool a few weeks back.  As usual, I got busy with other things and it got put on the back burner (well, actually the front porch) for a while.  I got it out the other day.  Washed some of it.  Dyed it.  Green.  And let it dry.  This morning I started carding it.  I spun a little of it and decided that though I loved the ease of spinning, it wasn’t quite next to the skin soft.  I was thinking that Shetland would be a good choice of sock yarn and my tootsies are sensitive!  Then I decided to blend in a little Tussah Silk that I had previously dyed yellow and blue – with much green as a result.  Now I think I’m in love.  I spun up a little of it and navajo plied it.  It wasn’t Merino soft.  But definitely a winner.  I think it will make wonderful socks – that will ‘wear like iron’ if spun properly.  These aren’t listed in my shop yet.  I’m going to blend some more before I do.  But if anyone is interested, let me know.  I’m not sure how much I’ll have when it’s all said and done, but it should be about 8 oz.




From My Studio To Yours!


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