Etsy Vs. Website Store

Gotta question for all my peeps:  Where do you prefer to shop – my etsy shop, my website store, it doesn’t matter.

I’m about to update my shop and want to know what to do.  I really want my website store to be a success.  But more than that, I want my customers to feel comfortable shopping with me.  So . . . . where would you rather shop?

If you are not a customer yet, please take a look at my sites and vote based on which you would prefer to shop at.  Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Etsy Vs. Website Store

  1. Hey Teresa,

    I just voted and based on appearances, I would probably rather shop your Etsy store. But since I know you, well through phat fiber and twitter, I would be ok with either. ^_^


  2. I’ve used both of your stores but actually prefer Etsy – it keeps all my favourite shops together and reminds me to look at your stuff more often

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