PhatFiber Sample in Action!

What is PhatFiber?

Phat Fiber is a mystery box of awesome samples for the yarn and fiber enthusiast in us all. With a focus on the independent artisan, this box is a super grass-roots treat for the senses. When your box arrives, chock full of samples, expect to be overwhelmed with the sight and feel of artful yarns, bits of roving, small batts, stitch markers, original patterns, valuable discount coupons and much much more.”

I recently found one of my TLS sample yarns in use.  It is my “High Hopes Hand Dyed Merino/Nylon Fingering (perfect for Socks!)”.  Along with another sample, Bohoknitterchic created this super cute cat toy.  You can see more of her work at her blog:



2 thoughts on “PhatFiber Sample in Action!

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