Onions & Lace Weight

I started our garden today – officially.  The first sacrifice was some onions I’ve been keeping just for this event.  Some had already gone bad and were fed to the compost.  The rest of them were planted and blessed.  And hopefully the bunnies and squirrels don’t have taste for onions.  Does anyone know?  The cans indicate the ends of the rows (two very short rows next to back steps of the house.)

IMG_3733.jpg IMG_3734.jpg

Here are two lace weight yarns that I added to my Etsy Shop yesterday.  There are Domestic Suri Alpaca/Domestic Merino blend and super soft.  There are 4 greens and 2 oranges available, 100g skeins.  The orange ones are really orange and reminded me of Illini orange.  If these stay around very long, they are bound for the over-dye pot.  They will show cables and lace work beautifully.  But you have to have  a love for orange to take these home with you.

IMG_3722.jpg IMG_3722cropped.jpg IMG_3729.jpg



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