Fiber Arts (Can’t Wait Till Friday!) Wednesday

Well, this isn’t an official Fiber Arts Friday or Wednesday. It’s just that I got so excited about some of the things I’ve been dyeing lately. I’ve been dyeing some really bold and bright colors. And I love them! What do you think?









And now I’m wondering where the week has gone. It will be over soon. One more work day for my husband. My older daughter’s last class till after Spring Break is tonight. So what do you do with a long weekend and all of the family at home? I really need to work in the garden. I don’t know if the garden needs it, but I do. But I need the ground to warm just a little more first. I know that as soon as I get my seedlings out and seeds in the ground, we will have a late freeze. I may have to wait till next week to work on it. Until then, I’ll just have to play in fiber garden.


4 thoughts on “Fiber Arts (Can’t Wait Till Friday!) Wednesday

    • I let the yarn stand in a large bowl with the dye before adding acid and heat. It gives the yarn a chance to take on the color so that it’s more solid than semi-solid. But even when the yarn may appear to be solid, there are still slight variations and the finished objects have a visual depth that you just can’t with a commercially dyed yarn.

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