Who Am I?

I am an indie dyer who has the best hand dyed yarn and fiber ever!

That’s how I introduced myself to someone in an email the other day?  Was I coming on a little too strong?  Maybe.  But my mind keeps going back to Mrs. Wren, my 5th grade Reading teacher, who often reminded us that ‘it’s a poor dog that won’t wag it’s own tail.”

So I think it’s time for me to wag my own tail, so to speak.  My hand dyed yarns and fibers will stand examination next to any other fiber artist’s work.  Due to the nature of the art, each artist will have a slightly different style.  And each appreciater of the art will be looking at and looking for something a little different than the next.

If you would like to see and feel my work first hand, let me know, by way of email (teresa@teresasdesk.com), where to send you a small sample of my yarn, fiber, or fabric.  Let me know in what you’re most interested (yarn weight, fiber, semi-solid, etc.) and I’ll try to provide a sample that will show you the quality of my work and materials.

I’m currently working on my April newsletter and will include this information there as well.  If you are interested in receiving my email newsletter and would like to receive special notices or prices, please go to my website (http://teresasdesk.com) and sign up for my email newsletter there.

And since I don’t think I’ve officially greeted Spring here, I present you with photos of the twins:

Buster –


Ruby Kate Clementine –IMG_3823.jpg

The twins together (Ruby is on the left, showing us her molars) –



2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. BUNNIES! Great pictures. There is nothing wrong with wagging your own tail. If it is to the right person, they know you aren’t being paumpus – just fun!

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