Something Fun in the Mail Today!

Well, fun for me, anyway.  I don’t know how many of you get excited about business cards.  But this time I ordered a few extra things to go with them.

I order my business cards from Vista Print.  The price just can’t be beat.  I would love to order my business cards from a local vender.  But their prices are just too high for me.  I know they have to make money to stay in business.  But for small business people like me, I just can’t afford to support them.  Maybe when I’m big enough to order higher quantities, the price break will be enough.  But for now, for the few cards I need, I just can’t do it.  If they were the only choice, I would be going without.

Anyway.  I ordered new business cards.  Some of you have received my older cards in your packages.  These will be placed in packages and used as tags for samples, as were my older style cards.


And when I was checking out, I was offered tons of great deals.  A lot of the stuff was free, plus shipping.  Since the ‘plus shipping’ can kill you if you’re not careful, I was careful.  But I was able to justify a few extra goodies.  One was a small stamp with my business name, email address and URL.  It’s not very photogenic, so I’ll leave that one to your imagination.

One of my favorites, though, was a t-shirt.  You might be seeing this one in person at craft shows and fiber festivals.  I liky!


The other thing I got was a bit smaller.  And doesn’t match the graphics on the business cards and t-shirt.  Oh, well.  It’s still neat.  I’m thinking that towards the end of the year I would really like to give my faithful customers a little something to say thank you – and to serve as reminder of the fabulous fiber you found in my store.  I thought I would try one of the Vista Print pens to see if that will work.  Literally.  I got one to try.  I just hope I don’t lose it before I have a chance to give it a good workout.  It’s sitting here beside my laptop now.  If it doesn’t pass the “Teresa Test”, I’ll be on the lookout for something else.


What do you think?  Would a pen be a nice little thank you?  Or would you rather get something else?  Let me know.

When was the last time you got a nice little surprise in the mail?  Leave a comment telling me what it was and I’ll enter your name for a drawing for a small set of hand crafted note cards.  I’ll have the drawing next Wednesday.  That will give me enough time to make the cards.


11 thoughts on “Something Fun in the Mail Today!

  1. i got something unexpected just this week! my friend mailed me 2 skeins of beautiful red frog tree fingerling yarn. it’s fuzzy and beautiful! it was a lovely housewarming gift. 🙂

    i like the pen idea. it’s always nice to get something extra with your order. 🙂

  2. The last little surprise I got in the mail was…junk mail only!! it was a great feeling since we had just paid bills the night before! I hate going to get the mail! I don’t like all the bills that come in it.

  3. You’re so cute MamaT!!! Surprises in the mail are certainly the best. The last one I got was Groovy Girl boot that got left behind…and the girls were crushed about it. It was wonderful to get it back! 🙂

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  5. Looks like I might be late for the drawing, but I do love the pen idea. Your t-shirt looks awesome! Last time I got something fun and unexpected in the mail? Hmmm…I know…Stampin’ Kub’s momma send me a homemade card with a personal note written inside! It was one of the Stampin’ Kub’s cards! It was totally unexpected and so nice!

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