New Yarn Colorway Needs a Name!

I keep thinking “Phone Sex” – since it’s sister colorway is now “Conference Call Blues”, and this colorway is SEXY!

But anyway. I’m starting a new sock pattern using this yarn. If I don’t pull it all out, I’ll be posting pics soon of the sock in progress. But in the meantime, I wanted to show off my yarn. LOVE IT!


IMG_3955.jpg IMG_3956.jpg

Well, I’m happy with the pattern I’ve started.  And I LOVE the yarn!  But together – just not working.  The pattern is getting lost in the color.  so this will get ripped out and this skein will become something else.

IMG_4021.jpg IMG_4024.jpg

I’m thinking that the pattern might show off a little better with something like this:


Or this:



13 thoughts on “New Yarn Colorway Needs a Name!

  1. Love the yarn and all the names suggested- here are a few other ideas that stick with the conference call theme…

    *Party Line
    *”Three Way” Calling
    *Hook Flash
    the word for when you click over for 3 way calling just think of all the innuendos there 🙂

  2. I was going to suggest some names, but all the ones above my comment are so good! I love the sexy-phone-call theme, the color reminds me of a secretary boredly painting her nails that HOT color while forwarding calls!

  3. My 19 month old son looked at the yarn pics and said, “strawberries”— which sounds more like zzzzzzaberries!

    It’s beautiful- whatever you call it!

    • Thank you! And I love the ‘zzzzzzzaberries’! 😀 I’m working on a baby sweater using it. I’m done knitting and just need to weave in loose ends and add buttons. I’ll be posting pics soon!

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