PhatFiber Blog, Quilt Fabric, & Over Dyes

Yesterday Teresa Levite Studio was featured on the PhatFiber Blog. If you’re not familiar with PhatFiber, here’s a little excerpt from the PhatFiber Blog: “The Phat Fiber Sampler box is a way for independent fiber, yarn and related needlecraft companies and artisans to promote their products through a tactile goodie box that goes on sale once monthly.” The sampler boxes are sold on Etsy. The boxes are in high demand. You have to be really quick to get one. And due to nature of the sample boxes, you probably won’t get samples from every contributer. If you would like a sample of a particular yarn base that I can, let me know and I can get one in the mail to you.

Hand Dyed Quilt Fabric

Now for a little sneak peak at some hand dyed quilt fabric that will be listed soon – if I don’t decide to use it first.

Here are just a few of the basic colors. These are dyed on 100% cotton muslin. More will be on the way. But I can’t promise when. If you would like to pre-order some of the hand dyed fabric, let me know.

Also, today I listed some over dyes – yarns that I wasn’t excited about so dyed them again. I’m much happier with them now. And since they were all over dyed together, they coordinate well with one another though they don’t match..You can find these, as well as a couple of small batts that I blended, at Teresa Levite Studio, Artfire Edition.


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