It’s Fiber Arts Friday, Again!

I love Fiber Arts Fridays. I’ve started looking forward to seeing the new links and seeing what others are doing in the Fiber Arts World. You can find links to Fiber Artists on Alpaca Farm Girl’s blog. If you’re a Fiber Artist and have a blog, please join in the fun!

This is what I’ve been working on. Must have been the week before last. We went camping last week, so I didn’t dye. (I did knit and finished a shawl, but don’t have pics yet.) And this week has been an organization week for me. I placed a large (for me) order for fiber. When it arrives, I’ll have lots to dye and will be posting pics of all the Fall In Colors.


The semi-solid colors are richer than the photos can show and have a beautiful depth of color. These can be reproduced but if you want larger amounts of a particular color, please order it all at once so that I can insure they come from the same dye pot. These colors can be dyed in lighter or darker tones and on different fibers (protein or cellulose). The fiber shown is all Bluefaced Leicester (BFL).

I can also hand paint these colors on the fiber of your choice, too. Here is some BFL (the lighter) and SuperWash Merino (the darker) in the Fall In Colors.

IMG_4277.jpg IMG_4307.jpg

You can see more photos at my Flickr site.


9 thoughts on “It’s Fiber Arts Friday, Again!

    • Thanks! I’m really enjoying these colors more than I thought I would. I’m just photographed some ‘melon’ and ‘crushed berries’ to list soon that will look great with these colors.

  1. Great – fantastic – color!!! All of your colors are super. I bought some angora locks the other day that were dyed and I think they will just look fabulous in a bowl on our dining room table. You do gorgeous work!

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