I Can’t Believe It’s Been This Long

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything. I know I’ve been working. I know there are new fibers to show for what I’ve done. Why hasn’t it been recorded? I don’t know. Just one of those things that got away from me I suppose.

Anyway. I’ve gotten in a good bit of Merino and Super Wash BFL. In the natural, undyed form, these are both available in my Website Store. Just look on the left hand side for the menu for ‘fiber’ and then ‘natural’. I also have my semi-solids and reproducible dyed fibers and yarns on that site. For more fibers and yarns, particularly the ones that ‘one of a kind’, check my Etsy and Artfire stores. And be sure to sign up for my TLS News newsletter at my website, Teresa’s Desk. Ok, now that I’m over the sales bit, here’s art side of it:

June 10 Etsy Mosaic

These are my most recent listings and I’m absolutely in love with them. Please note, however, that the ‘Lemon Lime Ice’ almost glows. The colors are much more brilliant in person. ‘Autumn Bouquet’, on the bottom row, is so very, very lovely. ‘Elven Cloak’ (I’ve been listening to the Lord of the Rings audio book), the blue with shades of gray and lavender, went out in the mail today. I’ll be dyeing more using those colors, but there are no guarantees it will come out the same. That was a very ‘one of a kind’ dyeing day.

Since then, I have also dyed some reds and blues, semi solid as well as handpainted that include white spaces as well, that will be part of an ‘Americana’ colorway line. Hopefully those will be available before the end of the month. We have another camping trip coming up and I won’t be dyeing during that time.

And speaking of camping, this is the first year that we’ve been able to go camping whenever we want (of course working around my husband’s work schedule). But we don’t have a high school schedule to work around and the girls have been busy with their own social lives for quite a while and not interested in camping with us. So this year it has been just my husband and me  – and the dog and rabbits. Yes, they go camping, too. It takes a while to get all the hay cleaned up afterwards, but they are really pretty easy to take care of when we travel.

Anyway. I need to start thinking about getting clothes washed and getting ready to pack for next week. Enjoy your weekend!


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