No. I’m Still Alive.

Well, it’s been 40 forevers since my last post.  A couple of weeks ago I composed (in my head) a great post to catch everyone up on what’s been going on.  But I wasn’t at the computer and all of that is gone now. So here’s the brief version:  Trips to hospital.  Finally, grandson born.  Babysitting. Fiber Festival. Myrtle Beach. Fibromyalgia. Camping. Son home before going to Kuwait. Fibromyalgia. Thanksgiving. Fibromyalgia. Christmas Prep. Bedroom make-over. Blizzard. Snowed In. Actually blogging instead of just thinking about blogging.

Anyway.  Here are a couple things running through my mind.

First, my online shops are almost empty and I’m getting ready to dye and restock as soon as I get Christmas packed up.  What do you want to see?  Fiber? (What types?)  Yarn? (again, What kinds?) Supplies? (Needles? Wheels?  Any other suggestions?)

Second, I want to add scrapbook supplies to my store.  I’m thinking right now about supplies to make journals and albums, maybe ‘Bind-It-All’s and supplies and Basic Grey papers.  Any suggestions or ideas would be welcome.

So long for now!


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