Backgrounds (Digital Thursday) And . . .

. . . and something else, but can’t remember right now.

I had planned to write about something yesterday, but now my mind is blank and can’t remember what it was.  Possibly my search for my 24″ size 3 (US) circular knitting needles that I had the empty package for but cannot find the needles!  I eventually went to the store and found a set (29″) to replace them.  Now I expect the original set to appear magically before my eyes today.  That’s how it always happens.

Or it may have been about my quest for soap-making supplies.  Yes, I am dabbling in the mystic arts of another ‘hobby’.  This isn’t really a hobby, though.  This is an effort to be more ‘green’.  Not just for the environment, but for my family and me on a personal level.  The first batch of soap will be the most basic of basic soaps.  There will no additives – nothing but soap.  Nothing to color it, nothing to scent it.  Just soap.  If that works out, I may consider adding some natural ingredients to make more varieties.  But don’t be looking for anything too fancy.  Anyway.  We’ll have to see how the first batch turns out.  And since it will have to ‘cure’ for quite a while,  and considering my blogging history, it may be sometime next year before you hear about it again!

Anyway.  This is Thursday.  Last Thursday I posted a digital scrapbooking background.  Actually you could use it for just about anything digital.  I may try playing a little this morning and see what I can come up with as to other uses for the back grounds.  For example, this might make Twitter backgrounds.  I never thought of that application till I saw a link this morning on for free digital sets here: Now the wheels are spinning and I can smell the smoke!  And I thought that before I got too involved, I better post to my blog now.  So here it is.  And here is a new background from the series created last week. Click on the image to go to the full size image.  Right click and then click on “Save Image As” to save to your computer.  Enjoy!  And check in tomorrow for Fiber Arts Friday.

Digital Background


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