Fiber Arts Friday!

I’m late getting this up.  I was up half the night last night watching X Files on Netflix.  I figured that would put me to sleep.  Wrong!  Anyway.  I didn’t get the photos taken this morning that I wanted to take, so I’ll show you a little something different and save those projects for another time.

These are batts from a braid of SuperWash BFL (bluefaced leicester) wool that I’ve had for a year or so.  They didn’t sell in my website shop, so I took them down to list on Etsy.  But I never got around to listing them.  I decided I wanted to spin them myself.  I still haven’t spun them and they are available if anyone is interested.  I ran them through the drum carder (again with assistance from my handle cranking husband) and really, really like the colors now!  When it was all nice and neat in a braid, not so much.


Here is where is I invite you to post a link in the comments section to your blog post about fiber arts – any fiber arts!  Just post a link in the comments.  It would be nice and help spread the news about Teresa’s Desk’s Fiber Arts Friday if you mentioned it on your blog and posted a link back to here, but that is definitely not necessary.

There is another Fiber Arts Friday blog I found at WonderWhy Alpaca Farm’s blog. Please stop by and post there, too!


4 thoughts on “Fiber Arts Friday!

    • Yep! A little over 4 oz. Send an email to if you want to know more. 😀

      The colors were red and navy blue with a little white. But when blended, the blue looks a little more purple than blue. But it’s really hard to get the red to photograph correctly. It is a true red.

  1. I LOVE BFL! I have been blending it with my Suri Alpaca and it’s delicious! I love the colors you’ve chosen. If you ever get a chance, try dying a few fibers in the same dye bath. It’s amazing to see how BFL and Merino absorb color compared to Alpaca, Silk or Bamboo. Thank you for sharing your beautiful dye job in Fiber Arts Friday.

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