If Odysseus Knit . . . a Yarn Club

Have you ever wondered what characters  in the books you read or the movies you watch would knit, if they did knit? I didn’t until I was on a Robin Hood kick and was watching everything Robin Hood I could find on Netflix.  At the same time as I was watching the programs, I was trying to put together my first Yarn Club.  Then it all seem to fit.  If Robin Hood knit socks, what colors would he use?  I fell in love with the idea and came up with colorways to go with it.  I still have lots of Robin Hood ideas and may one day resurrect his Yarn Club.  But I also thought that Odysseus would probably have quite a few color ideas of his own if he were a knitter.  So here it is: If Odysseus Knit . . . Epic Colorways for Your Knitting Adventures! This yarn club is for a 6 Month Club with shipping beginning on the June 15, 2010. Shipping will be on or before the 15th of each month after for a total of 6 months. This is an on-going yarn club and will continue as long as I have colorways. Your club membership of 6 months begins the month after you join.

The yarn base for this yarn is my Rehoboth yarn. It is 100% SuperWash Merino wool. It is an 8-ply yarn that takes up the dye beautifully and creates a smooth fabric with great stitch definition.

Each Skein is 420 yds/100g.
Recommended needle size is US 1 to 3.


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