If Odysseus Knit . . . a Yarn Club

Have you ever wondered what characters  in the books you read or the movies you watch would knit, if they did knit? I didn’t until I was on a Robin Hood kick and was watching everything Robin Hood I could find on Netflix.  At the same time as I was watching the programs, I was trying to put together my first Yarn Club.  Then it all seem to fit.  If Robin Hood knit socks, what colors would he use?  I fell in love with the idea and came up with colorways to go with it.  I still have lots of Robin Hood ideas and may one day resurrect his Yarn Club.  But I also thought that Odysseus would probably have quite a few color ideas of his own if he were a knitter.  So here it is: If Odysseus Knit . . . Epic Colorways for Your Knitting Adventures! This yarn club is for a 6 Month Club with shipping beginning on the June 15, 2010. Shipping will be on or before the 15th of each month after for a total of 6 months. This is an on-going yarn club and will continue as long as I have colorways. Your club membership of 6 months begins the month after you join.

The yarn base for this yarn is my Rehoboth yarn. It is 100% SuperWash Merino wool. It is an 8-ply yarn that takes up the dye beautifully and creates a smooth fabric with great stitch definition.

Each Skein is 420 yds/100g.
Recommended needle size is US 1 to 3.

Backgrounds (Digital Thursday) And . . .

. . . and something else, but can’t remember right now.

I had planned to write about something yesterday, but now my mind is blank and can’t remember what it was.  Possibly my search for my 24″ size 3 (US) circular knitting needles that I had the empty package for but cannot find the needles!  I eventually went to the store and found a set (29″) to replace them.  Now I expect the original set to appear magically before my eyes today.  That’s how it always happens.

Or it may have been about my quest for soap-making supplies.  Yes, I am dabbling in the mystic arts of another ‘hobby’.  This isn’t really a hobby, though.  This is an effort to be more ‘green’.  Not just for the environment, but for my family and me on a personal level.  The first batch of soap will be the most basic of basic soaps.  There will no additives – nothing but soap.  Nothing to color it, nothing to scent it.  Just soap.  If that works out, I may consider adding some natural ingredients to make more varieties.  But don’t be looking for anything too fancy.  Anyway.  We’ll have to see how the first batch turns out.  And since it will have to ‘cure’ for quite a while,  and considering my blogging history, it may be sometime next year before you hear about it again!

Anyway.  This is Thursday.  Last Thursday I posted a digital scrapbooking background.  Actually you could use it for just about anything digital.  I may try playing a little this morning and see what I can come up with as to other uses for the back grounds.  For example, this might make Twitter backgrounds.  I never thought of that application till I saw a link this morning on http://splitcoaststampers.com for free digital sets here: http://www.300dpi.com Now the wheels are spinning and I can smell the smoke!  And I thought that before I got too involved, I better post to my blog now.  So here it is.  And here is a new background from the series created last week. Click on the image to go to the full size image.  Right click and then click on “Save Image As” to save to your computer.  Enjoy!  And check in tomorrow for Fiber Arts Friday.

Digital Background

Some Things Just Need to Blogged Instead of Tweeted

Can I just tell you:  I love wool!  It’s soft and yummy, warm and comforting. It’s natural.  It is enduring.  Not just durable, but enduring.  It’s been around for a while.  People have been using it for a while.  It will continue to be used for a long time to come in spite of the synthetic alternatives available.  There’s just nothing that can take the place of natural wool.

I’m from the South.  I’m a certifiable G.R.I.T.S. (Girl Raised In The South.)  I was born and raise along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  It gets hot there in the Summer.  No, let me take that back.  It gets hot there in the Spring.  And it even gets pretty warm in the Winter.  The Winters are often pretty mild.  I remember more than once riding bikes on Christmas Day.  I used to wonder what the kids up North did when they got bikes for Christmas but couldn’t ride them because the roads were buried in snow.  It wasn’t till I was almost grown that I realized that they got sleds for Christmas instead of bikes.  But I digress.

Hand Spun, Hand Dyed BFLMy point is, we really didn’t have reason to need to even think about wool.  Cotton was King.  It was comfortable in the warm temperatures and could be easily layered to keep us nice and cozy in the winter.  (I loved my denim jacket.  In fact, I still have one though I seldom wear it.  I just can’t let it go.)

But wool just wasn’t in our vocabulary. My only experience with wool was a navy blue wool blanket that was my mothers.  I guess she still has it.  It appeared to be indestructable – as long as you didn’t throw it in the washer, which we were given clear instructions to never do.  It was also scratchy.  Or ‘itchy’ as we are often more likely to refer to wool.

Based on this experience with wool, I had no desire to wear it.  Didn’t want to buy it.  Didn’t want to knit or crochet with it.  Even Red Heart Acrylic was softer than wool, right?

When I moved to Delaware – in January six years ago – I got cold.  My South Mississippi and Louisiana wardrobe just wasn’t going to cut it.  My first purchase was a very nice over coat (for $15 from Goodwill).  A very nice wool coat. And it was warm.  And it was nice.  It still is.  It’s hanging in my cedar chiffarobe at the moment. But as nice as it was and and warm as it was, if I had to wear for any length of time on a regular basis, my wrists and neck would itch.  It was the wool.  Wool = Bad.  Right?

My friend Julie, my wonderful scrapbooking, knitting, enabling friend Julie, told me it wasn’t the wool.  It was the quality of the wool.  If the wool was itchy, it just wasn’t the right kind of wool. She then introduced me to Merino.  Oh, so next to the skin soft Merino. That was pretty much all it took.  After that, all I wanted was Merino.  I wanted to knit with it.  I wanted to touch it.  I wanted to pet it.  I had to have it!

But I’m cheap.  A penny-pincher.  I looked at the price of the yarn. I felt the yarn.  I wanted the yarn.  But then I looked at the price again.  And I looked at the price of the acrylic yarn.  And it would do, right?  And I felt the acrylic yarn.  Well . . . maybe it would do.  But wasn’t Merino. It was so soft and warm and comfortable and comforting.  I had to have the Merino.  And, being cheap as I am, I figured out really quickly that the best way to have all the Merino I wanted was to buy it at wholesale prices and sell it. 

At the same time as my friend Julie introduced me to Merino, she also introduced me to spinning.  And I discovered hand dyeing yarn and fiber all on my own.  So, if I hand dye it and sell it, then I can have all I want at a price I like, right? Right!  That was the beginning of Teresa Levite Studio Hand Dyed and Hand Spun Yarn and Fiber.  Though Merino is still my first and my true (fiber) love, I have a sincere fondness for Silk, Angora, and BFL (and that’s BlueFaced Leicester, not Big Fiber Love!) And much more.  Much, much more!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Things to Come

Blue is In!Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all.   March 17 is not only a day to celebrate the wearing of the green, it’s my husband and my wedding anniversary.  Six years ago we went to the courthouse and became man and wife.  A few weeks later we had a Christian ceremony and celebration at home.

Now, things to come.  I’m hoping to begin featuring artists, fiber and otherwise, that I meet online.

And more to come . . .

Blue is in!  I love this color blue.  Look for a similar blue in my shop soon.  But first I’ll have to order more yarn.

Thank you for stopping in and visiting with me for a few minutes.  See you next time!

Club, KAL, and Forecasting the Weather

I’m getting pretty good at forecasting the weather – well, bad weather anyway.  So if I’m not forecasting bad weather, I can then deduce that fair weather is on its way, right?

If I’m hurting all over, from my head to my toes, it’s either going to rain or snow.  Last night, I was laying in bed, trying to go to sleep, and then realized that rain was on its way.  I should have paid more attention to our dog, though.  It didn’t rain this morning.  It snowed.

You see, when temperatures are mild outside, Jack, our miniature poodle, sleeps down at our feet.  As the temperature outdoors drop (even though the temperature in the house remains pretty much the same at night during the winter), Jack moves up higher in the bed.  Last night he was in the vicinity of our knees so I knew the temperature was dropping.  Anyway.  I felt pretty good today, so hopefully the weather will clear up for a few days.

I’ve opened sign-up for my first “Legends” Yarn Club.  This one is “If Robin Hood Knit Socks.” This three-month long Sock/Fingering wt. Yarn Club features hand-dyed and hand-painted colorways inspired by the Legend of Robin Hood.  My first thought was of the beautiful greens that would be possible.  But not wanting an all green yarn club (maybe one day, but not this time), I suddenly realized all the other color possibilities.  I hope you will be just as pleased with the “If Robin Hood Knit Socks” colorways as I am.  I also wanted to include a gift with the first shipment.  But I couldn’t decide which gift to send, so there will be a gift included with each of the three shipments.  Enjoy!

spazzyyarn on Twitter is organizing a Twitter Knit-A-Long.  Details are in her blog. Voting for the project is taking place now.  Though we are all encouraged to knit the same project, I’m sure no one will object if you really want to knit something else.  And I’m sure that many will adapt the chosen pattern to their own needs and desires.  I look forward to seeing each of these inspired creations.  If you decide to join the Twitter KAL, please leave a comment here!  I love hear about what my readers are doing.

Talk to you later!

Ticker Play and Winter Olympics

I started playing with Tickers today.  I’ll probably be adding more Tickers to more posts.  These are really fun!

I’m really looking forward to the Winter Olympics this year.  Football will be over.  Not yet time for Baseball.  A nice break.  And I’m planning to participate in Ravelympics this year, too.  I’m not sure yet what team I’ll join or what events I’ll participate in.  But I really want to do this.  Perhaps I’ll spin instead of knit.  Can I do that?  Hmmm . . . I’ll have to look for a Spinning Team and more information.

Also in the news, Lewis has published another book, “Welcome to the Inside World.” I really like this.  As I edited, I kept reading to find out what was going to happen next.  This is another book that I think would make a good movie, maybe even a TV series.

No. I’m Still Alive.

Well, it’s been 40 forevers since my last post.  A couple of weeks ago I composed (in my head) a great post to catch everyone up on what’s been going on.  But I wasn’t at the computer and all of that is gone now. So here’s the brief version:  Trips to hospital.  Finally, grandson born.  Babysitting. Fiber Festival. Myrtle Beach. Fibromyalgia. Camping. Son home before going to Kuwait. Fibromyalgia. Thanksgiving. Fibromyalgia. Christmas Prep. Bedroom make-over. Blizzard. Snowed In. Actually blogging instead of just thinking about blogging.

Anyway.  Here are a couple things running through my mind.

First, my online shops are almost empty and I’m getting ready to dye and restock as soon as I get Christmas packed up.  What do you want to see?  Fiber? (What types?)  Yarn? (again, What kinds?) Supplies? (Needles? Wheels?  Any other suggestions?)

Second, I want to add scrapbook supplies to my TeresasDesk.com store.  I’m thinking right now about supplies to make journals and albums, maybe ‘Bind-It-All’s and supplies and Basic Grey papers.  Any suggestions or ideas would be welcome.

So long for now!