Fiber Arts Friday

Fiber Arts FridayIt’s Fiber Arts Friday again, and to tell you the truth, I haven’t done much in the way of fiber arts this week except for the some spinning grooming a bunny.  And I don’t have photos of either.  But I will share of photo of the bunny I’ll be working on this afternoon.  I love spinning with Angora.  I’ve made a pair of mitts (that don’t fit well and aren’t the same size, and I still haven’t photographed them) that are a merino/Angora blend that are so soft and yummy that I wear them anyway, even though they don’t match! (If DH is reading, that was an example of a run-on sentence!)

This is Ruby when she was young, about 6 months old.  She is now about 2 1/2 years old.  Her coat is beautiful.  It is lighter now and more dense.  I started working on grooming her on Tuesday.  I got her back, the best part of the coat.  Then we took a break.  She looks silly in a ‘skirt’.  I’ll finish her up this evening and then start on Buster this weekend.


Now it’s your turn!  Post a link to your fiber related blog post in the comments section.  It can be any type of fiber at any stage, from on the hoof to finished product.  It’s a wonderful way to share ideas and make new friends.  Talk to you later.  Enjoy!


No Photos Today

I definitely need to take some photos tomorrow.  I meant to do that today, be everything just got away from it.

We started the day with my husband making blueberry pancakes for breakfast.  Then we went and worked in the yard and garden to burn off some of it.  I planted a few more tomatoes and peppers.  We started putting them in containers because we’re running out of garden space for them.  I have a few more plants.  If any that we’ve planted die, I’ll replace them with the ones we still have.

Then we started running errands.  First to Tractor Supply for a fencing to keep the rabbits and other varmints out of the garden. Then to Bargain Ollie’s to see if they had anything we needed.  We picked up a few things but my found treasure was a knitting book, “Family Album” by Kaffe Fassett and Zoe Hunt. After that we went to a Chinese Buffet.  I’m going to have to start taking my camera with me when we go out to eat so I can take pics and write restaurant reviews.  This one was very nice, but not too fancy.  And the same could be said for the food – a little plain, but all very edible.  My husband was very happy with the sushi.  I’m not a sushi eater, so that didn’t mean much to me.  Then, to walk off a little of the lunch, we took a look in the pet store and the Goodwill store.

When we got home, I took a nap.  It was one of those naps that I had trouble waking up from.  My body just didn’t want to move.  After a while, I got up and did a little spinning.  I’m working on some very pale mint green with bits of very pale lavender merino.  It’s the softest – softest to the touch and softest colors.  I hope the camera will pick up the true colors when I photograph it.

Now it’s almost bedtime.  We’re watching a little Lawrence Welk while we’re waiting for the race to start and I’m about to start knitting.  Life is good.  And don’t I have the best husband ever?!

Fiber Arts Friday!

I’m late getting this up.  I was up half the night last night watching X Files on Netflix.  I figured that would put me to sleep.  Wrong!  Anyway.  I didn’t get the photos taken this morning that I wanted to take, so I’ll show you a little something different and save those projects for another time.

These are batts from a braid of SuperWash BFL (bluefaced leicester) wool that I’ve had for a year or so.  They didn’t sell in my website shop, so I took them down to list on Etsy.  But I never got around to listing them.  I decided I wanted to spin them myself.  I still haven’t spun them and they are available if anyone is interested.  I ran them through the drum carder (again with assistance from my handle cranking husband) and really, really like the colors now!  When it was all nice and neat in a braid, not so much.


Here is where is I invite you to post a link in the comments section to your blog post about fiber arts – any fiber arts!  Just post a link in the comments.  It would be nice and help spread the news about Teresa’s Desk’s Fiber Arts Friday if you mentioned it on your blog and posted a link back to here, but that is definitely not necessary.

There is another Fiber Arts Friday blog I found at WonderWhy Alpaca Farm’s blog. Please stop by and post there, too!

Fiber Arts Friday

It’s Friday again.  And you know what that means!  If you’re on Twitter, it’s #FollowFriday.  And here, it’s Fiber Arts Friday – and chance for you to show off what you’ve been working on. In the comments section, please post a link to a post on your blog highlighting something fibery you’ve been working on.  It may be knitting, crocheting or spinning.  It may also be quilting or cross stitching – anything to do with fibers.  In fact, I know a few people who grow their own fiber.  I would love to hear from them, too! Please remember to post a link back to this post so your friends and readers can find everyone else’s Fiber Arts Friday links.

I’ve been spinning and carding this week.  My husband had been helping a lot by turning the crank on the drum carder while feed wool into it.  Here is a photo of a couple of the batts that resulted. These were the bits and pieces that were left and collected from other carding and spinning projects.  I’ve spun the yarn and really like it, but no photos yet.  It’s not very much – about 1.6 oz.  I may make a hat with it, using a coordinating yarn for the band to make sure I have enough.

Fiber Arts Friday Revival

Fiber Arts FridayFor a while, AlpacaFarmGirl was hosting Fiber Arts Friday.  I haven’t seen that on her site for a while, so I thought I would start my own.  It won’t be exactly the same as hers, but the same concept.  Each Friday, come here and post a comment to my Friday blog post with a link to one of your fiber related blog posts for the week.  If I haven’t posted a Friday blog, it may be because I’m out-of-town and don’t have internet service.  Or because I forgot it was Friday.  If you think that may be the case, please send a quick email reminding me to post!  Sounds pretty simple, right?

Also, please feel free to use my Fiber Arts Friday image.  Please link it back to my site, though.  Or at least include a link in the post giving me credit for it.  Not much to ask, I don’t think.

To kick things off, I would like to post a link to a fellow Fiber Artist’s blog:

I have another blog post that’s in the draft stage – as in, it has a title, but nothing else.  If I get a chance to write that today, I’ll post it later tonight for a bonus post.  Hah!  Two blog posts in one day?  Not if you know me!

***Extremely off-topic: The father of a close friend had back surgery earlier this week and has had complications.  First a lot of pain, and then pneumonia.  Please pray for him and his family.  Thank you.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Things to Come

Blue is In!Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all.   March 17 is not only a day to celebrate the wearing of the green, it’s my husband and my wedding anniversary.  Six years ago we went to the courthouse and became man and wife.  A few weeks later we had a Christian ceremony and celebration at home.

Now, things to come.  I’m hoping to begin featuring artists, fiber and otherwise, that I meet online.

And more to come . . .

Blue is in!  I love this color blue.  Look for a similar blue in my shop soon.  But first I’ll have to order more yarn.

Thank you for stopping in and visiting with me for a few minutes.  See you next time!

My First Socks from Yarn that I Spun

Not my first knitted socks, but the first socks that I knit from wool that I hand-dyed and then hand-spun.  And they feel soooooo good!



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I really stink at this blogging thing.  Who would have thought it would be so difficulty to write a blurb about what’s going on in my life and clicking “Publish”?  Maybe my New Year’s Resolution ought to be to post at least once a week.  Do you think that would surely be the kiss of death to my blog?