Thursday . . . Again

Love to knit? Have a knitting blog? Not too busy? A working giveaway.

Thursdays roll around, I don’t know, maybe every 7 days or so?  And I’m never ready for them.  Or for Fridays, either.  It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted a Fiber Arts Friday post.  Will someone please remind me to do one tomorrow?

Anyway.  The link at the top of this post takes you to the blog of a friend of mine who is having a give away.  Why not pop over to her blog and see what’s going on.  Oh, by the way, she also an awesome photographer, so if you linger to enjoy the art, I won’t be the least bit surprised.


Fiber Arts Friday

Fiber Arts FridayIt’s Fiber Arts Friday again, and to tell you the truth, I haven’t done much in the way of fiber arts this week except for the some spinning grooming a bunny.  And I don’t have photos of either.  But I will share of photo of the bunny I’ll be working on this afternoon.  I love spinning with Angora.  I’ve made a pair of mitts (that don’t fit well and aren’t the same size, and I still haven’t photographed them) that are a merino/Angora blend that are so soft and yummy that I wear them anyway, even though they don’t match! (If DH is reading, that was an example of a run-on sentence!)

This is Ruby when she was young, about 6 months old.  She is now about 2 1/2 years old.  Her coat is beautiful.  It is lighter now and more dense.  I started working on grooming her on Tuesday.  I got her back, the best part of the coat.  Then we took a break.  She looks silly in a ‘skirt’.  I’ll finish her up this evening and then start on Buster this weekend.


Now it’s your turn!  Post a link to your fiber related blog post in the comments section.  It can be any type of fiber at any stage, from on the hoof to finished product.  It’s a wonderful way to share ideas and make new friends.  Talk to you later.  Enjoy!

Fiber Arts Friday

Fiber Arts FridayWell, I missed last week’s FAF post.  We were out of town, staying at a hotel with free wifi, but somehow I still missed posting.  What can I say?  It was just one of those trips.

Here is one of the pics I took at the wedding.  Now I remember why I don’t shoot weddings anymore.  I get so stressed about getting the best shots and then editing them just right.  The bride and groom, in this case anyway, were just happy to have a few shots to remember the occasion.

Wedding Bands

Now to the Fiber Arts.  I’ve been working on a couple of projects.  I worked on knitting the second sock of a pair for my husband while I was traveling.  Need to finish it now.  Just having trouble getting started on it again.  Maybe this afternoon will be the day! Don’t have pics of them yet.  And I also don’t have pics of the wool I’ve been spinning since we got home.  It’s a bright raspberry fuchsia shetland.  Even after washing, dyeing, carding, and carding again (I think it three times total), it still has quite a few seeds and hay in it.  I’m picking it out as I go.  It will be a two ply and very ‘rustic’ in texture.  But I think it will be nice as a sweater.  Or possibly the accent color on a sweater.  We’ll just have to see after it’s finished.

What I do have a photo of is this: This is the yarn spun from the carded batts from a couple weeks back.  I’ll find the link and add it here if I remember when I’m done.  This yarn turned out very nice.  I’m not sure if I’m going to list it in my shop, or use it myself.  I really should list it.  I have plenty of yarn for myself already.  But it is always so tempting to keep yarns for myself.

Now comes the part where you can participate in Fiber Arts Friday.  Post a comment in this post with a link to your Fiber Arts post for the week.  I’m looking forward to seeing what all of you have been working on.

Talk to you later.  Enjoy!

Fiber Arts Friday!

I’m late getting this up.  I was up half the night last night watching X Files on Netflix.  I figured that would put me to sleep.  Wrong!  Anyway.  I didn’t get the photos taken this morning that I wanted to take, so I’ll show you a little something different and save those projects for another time.

These are batts from a braid of SuperWash BFL (bluefaced leicester) wool that I’ve had for a year or so.  They didn’t sell in my website shop, so I took them down to list on Etsy.  But I never got around to listing them.  I decided I wanted to spin them myself.  I still haven’t spun them and they are available if anyone is interested.  I ran them through the drum carder (again with assistance from my handle cranking husband) and really, really like the colors now!  When it was all nice and neat in a braid, not so much.


Here is where is I invite you to post a link in the comments section to your blog post about fiber arts – any fiber arts!  Just post a link in the comments.  It would be nice and help spread the news about Teresa’s Desk’s Fiber Arts Friday if you mentioned it on your blog and posted a link back to here, but that is definitely not necessary.

There is another Fiber Arts Friday blog I found at WonderWhy Alpaca Farm’s blog. Please stop by and post there, too!

Passports & Silk

Today  my husband and I went to the Post Office to apply for our passports.  We have been invited to travel with friends in July to Canada.  I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!  And I’m very thankful to our friends Gale and Brian for thinking of us and inviting us.  If they hadn’t, we would have kept saying we need to get our passports and keep talking about where we could go or might go or would like to go.  But now we can!  Well, we can in a couple of months.  The current wait is 4 to 6 weeks according the lady at the Post Office.  Anyway.  I’m ‘cited!

I came across this photo the other day when I was copying photos from this computer to clear them off.  My Pictures file is loaded with photos of every sort – yarn and fiber, vacations, family.  But this one caught my eye and I thought I would share it with you today.

Hand Dyed Blue Silk

This is Hand Dyed Blue Silk.  I LOVE this stuff!  So luxurious!  I haven’t dyed or spun any in a while.  Think I might have to add some to my next order.

Y’all take care and I’ll see you tomorrow for ‘Wordless Wednesday’.  And be sure have a Fiber Arts related blog post to link to in the comments on Fiber Arts Friday.  Bye for now!


As some of you know,  my other love is paper crafting.  Stamping, scrapping, book making, whatever.  If it can be make with paper, I’m there.  And I love designer paper.  I can’t get enough.  Well, actually, I have too much!  So I’ve been on a ‘paper diet’ for quite a while.  Then I got this idea for creating my own designer paper.  But I don’t have to print it out unless I need it for a particular project.

Would you like to use it, too? Here is one that you can download and use as you please – except to sell it.  I will be uploading it to the photo and graphic sites where I sell images.  I really would be disappointed if I saw it for sell by someone other than me.  Anyway.  Just click on the image, then right click on the full size image (It’s large!) and ‘save as’ on your computer.  Then get creative!  Be sure to show me what you do with it.  If you post pics of your work on your blog, please come back here and post link to it in the comments.

Featured Artist: Debbie Malloy

I recently stumbled across an Etsy Shop named “Wugglyees”.  Before I even saw the name, however I saw this:  White Czech Glass Button Flower Fly Brooch. I fell in love! Unfortunately, I can’t purchase everything I want.  Otherwise, Wugglyees would be a near empty shop!

The shop owner, Debbie, and I are following one another on twitter (@PoetessWug2).  I’ve gotten to know Debbie a bit and find her very interested in helping fellow Etsy shops.  If you want to see a great selection of items available on Etsy without having to do all the searching, Debbie is a great twitterer to follow!

When I read Debbie’s profile on Etsy, I thought she would be the perfect artist to kick-off my ‘Featured Artist’ post here at Teresa’s Desk.  Here are a few questions that I asked her.  If you have more questions, I’m sure she will be happy to talk to you on Etsy or Twitter.  Her Etsy shop link is below, as well as the link to her book of poetry.

Etsy Shop:

Book of Poetry:


> What crafts do you engage in when creating?

I crochet like a mad woman most of the time! To finish a lot of my pieces though, I also have to do some sewing (Buttons and gem dangles, and so forth).  Occasionally I do some cross-stitching, knitting, …and whatever else  I can get my fingers into…for finishing my work. I also do latch-hooking, and I write…mostly poetry!

> How long have you been crafting?

I have been crocheting for about 40 years, and knitting for about 30…As for writing, I’ve done that since I was old enough to write, I think! The writing started with a personal diary that I kept every year, and advanced to writing down everything I had for dinner at night and rhyming it!…All the way up to writing my thoughts and feelings on everything that happened to, or around, me… Oh, the paper I have used up over the years!!!

> Who taught you?

I tried to get people to teach me to knit and crochet, but people…I found out the hard way…can be very impatient! So, I bought a “How To Crochet” book, with pictures of hand illustrations, and taught myself!…I was inspired to write because I needed someone to talk to! My childhood was a story just waiting to be written about! Anyone that reads my book of poetry will see what I mean!

> Why do you create?

I crochet as a way to express myself! I am a girl who likes lots of different things, but I don’t like to waste my time! My shop carries that thought with it’s crocheted necklaces, brooches, scarves, hats, pocketbooks, WHEW!…men’s boutonnières, pillows, a personally designed bracelet that I call a ‘Hand Sandal’, shawl, and Poetry!…And remnants of these projects also become embellishments and interestingly funky key chains!

> What have been your favorite projects?

The book of poetry that I have in my shop right now, because I chose the design for the cover and chose a sampling of poems to include from the more than 200 poems I have written down…It was very interesting for me to decide what part of ‘who I am’ to include, and choosing the layout…As for crochet projects, my Ugly Wuglyee Bear, as crazy as it made me to crochet it, was another favorite project. Favorite…and LAST! The last bear this crocheter will crochet! The creation of him, in many ways, is the reason I have my Wuglyees shop though!

> Are you a professional artist/crafter?

I’m not sure if I would “technically” be considered a professional at crocheting or at writing, because I think it has to do with how much money you’ve made at doing it, but I certainly consider myself to be a professional. Sheer years of doing it, and the results of what I’ve created make me so!…Disagree if you like though! LOL

> What resources or assistance would you like to be made available for
> crafting businesses?

I’d like there to be resources and assistance that I’m sure will NEVER happen, like a button to push that takes all the photos of your item, adds a description, and posts it to your site! Then all I would have to do is CROCHET and WRITE! Which is all I want to do anyway!…Oh Yeah, and get somebody to pay me to do that! LOL…If I could have someone else to do promotion for me, that would be great too! I don’t mind showing off what I do…but I don’t like being REQUIRED to do it!!!

> Where do you see yourself/your art/craft business in 5 yrs? 10 yrs?

In 5 years I’d like to see my crocheted necklaces and my hand sandal bracelets being Oooooed and Awed over, and being worn by lots and lots of people who know my brand by name…In 10 years I’d like to see my shop making enough money to support a simple lifestyle for my hubby and me. Both of us off of the road, together…Me crocheting, and him…Whatever he wants!!!

Etsy Shop:

Book of Poetry:

I Did It!

I finished the beaded yarn I was working on. I ended up with about 400 yards of sport weight superwash (won’t shrink or felt in the washer or dryer) merino wool. I used rayon machine embroidery thread for the beads. Lewis threaded the beads for me using a Bead Spinner.  What would have taken me all day to string, he did in just a few minutes. Thank you, Lewis! Because of the embroidery thread, the yarn doesn’t have the stretch it ordinarily would have, but it will still be great for a scarf. I’m thinking I may try Branching Out , but I don’t know when I’ll start. I’m taking a little break from the knitting for a bit. My fibromyalgia is really flaring bad now and it just hurts too much to knit.



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