It’s Garden and Fresh Veggie Time!

At least that’s the rumor that’s spreading through the bunny community.  We have had some adult rabbits visiting and today we found a younger generation getting into the slow food movement.  So far, I can’t tell that any of them have eaten the veggies, just the grass growing around them.  If I could count on this to continue, I would take the fences down.  But I’m not going to count on it.  So the fence was extended all the way around, alongside the back steps, and then securely fastened all along the bottom.  Without knowing the wisdom of my actions, I placed fence posts along the boundaries of the gardens to form ‘semi-raised’ beds for planting. This made it extra easy for my husband to staple the chicken wire fencing along the bottom.  If the bunnies can get in now, they deserve what they get!

Notice the great crop of grass I have?  I planted (intentionally) the plant to the upper right of this little munchkin.  If you can properly identify it, I would be greatly thankful.  I planted lettuce (but not there), spinach (next row over), swiss chard (can’t remember which row), and chinese cabbage (again, can’t remember where).  So I’ve got this narrowed down to either the chard or the chinese cabbage – and it doesn’t look like the pictures on either seed package.  Whatever it is, the leaves are still young and tender and very good on salads.  Mr. Bunny, however, does not appear impressed.